The active sequence strip is displayed with a light outline. The entire strip could be selected by clicking LMB in the middle of the strip.

Select Menu

The Select menu lets you select strips in different ways.

All A

Selects all the strips in the timeline.

None Alt-A

Deselects all the strips in the timeline.

Invert Ctrl-I

Inverts the current selection.

Box Select B

See Box Select.

Box Select (Include Handles) Ctrl-B

Works like Box Select, but also selects any strip handles inside the box. If a strip has only one handle selected, dragging it will change the strip’s length. (If both handles are selected, the complete strip moves instead.)

Select Grouped Shift-G

Select strips that are similar to the active strip. By default, unsimilar strips are deselected, but this can be changed in the Adjust Last Operation region.


Select strips that have the same specific type as the active strip. For example, if the active strip is a Movie strip, this selects all Movie strips.

Global Type

Select strips that have the same general type (graphics or audio) as the active strip.

Effect Type

If the active strip is an effect strip, selects all effect strips. Otherwise, selects all non-effect strips. (Despite the name, this operator does not check the effect type.)


Select strips that use the same source (file, scene, movie clip or mask) as the active strip.


Find the effect types that are applied to the active strip, and select all strips that have any of the same effect types applied to them. For example, if the active strip has a Gaussian Blur effect on it, this will select all other strips that are also blurred.


Select strips that are on a lower channel than a selected strip and overlap it in time; then, effect strips linked to the selected content strips; and finally, content strips linked to the selected effect strips.


Select strips that partially or completely overlap the active strip in time.

Select Linked
All Ctrl-L / Less Ctrl-NumpadMinus / More Ctrl-NumpadPlus

Add/remove neighboring strips to/from the selection.

Side of Frame
Left/Right [/]

Select the strips that lie completely to the left or right of the current frame.


Select the strips that intersect the current frame.

Both, Left, Right

Select the left, right, or both handles of the selected strips.

Both/Left/Right Neighbor

Select the handle of the neighboring strip to the left, right, or on both sides of the selected strips.


Select all the strips that are in the same channels as the currently selected strips.