Endpoint Selection Node

Endpoint Selection node.

The Endpoint Selection node provides a selection for an arbitrary number of endpoints in each spline in a curve.


The selection operates for every control point. This may not correspond to the evaluated points displayed in the viewport for NURBS and Bézier splines, where one control point may correspond to many evaluated points.


To use this data after the curve has been converted to another data type like mesh or a point cloud, the Capture Attribute Node can be used.


Start Size

The number of points to select from the start.

End Size

The number of points to select from the end.


This node has no properties.



Selection of the start and end of each spline of the curve.



Anywhere the geometry is a curve, this node can be used to generate a selection of only the first and last points of each spline. Here, the Points input of the Instance on Points Node is a curve consisting of the poly spline shown in Edit Mode.