Checker Texture Node


This node is ported from shader nodes. The manual and images are referencing the shader version of the node. This node accepts field inputs and outputs. When not connected the Vector input has an implicit position attribute value.


Texture nodes can produce details at a higher frequency than geometry can show. This may cause artifacts such as Moiré type patterns or a lack of detail due to insufficient sampling points.

Checker Texture node.

The Checker Texture is used to add a checkerboard texture.



Texture coordinate to sample texture at; defaults to Generated texture coordinates if the socket is left unconnected.


This node can have precision issues with some vector inputs. See the notes for the White Noise Texture for ways to mitigate this issue.

Color1, Color 2

Color of the checkers.


Overall texture scale. The scale is a factor of the bounding box of the face divided by the scale. For example, a scale of 15 will result in 15 alternate patterns over the overall UV bounding box. Different patterns could be achieved using other nodes to give different input patterns to this socket. For example, using the Math node.


This node has no properties.



Texture color output.


Checker 1 mask (1 = Checker 1).



Default Checker texture.