Rigidbody Operators

bpy.ops.rigidbody.bake_to_keyframes(frame_start=1, frame_end=250, step=1)

Bake rigid body transformations of selected objects to keyframes

  • frame_start (int in [0, 300000], (optional)) – Start Frame, Start frame for baking

  • frame_end (int in [1, 300000], (optional)) – End Frame, End frame for baking

  • step (int in [1, 120], (optional)) – Frame Step, Frame Step

:file:`startup/bl_operators/rigidbody.py\:106 <https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/src/branch/main/scripts/startup/bl_operators/rigidbody.py#L106>`_

bpy.ops.rigidbody.connect(con_type='FIXED', pivot_type='CENTER', connection_pattern='SELECTED_TO_ACTIVE')

Create rigid body constraints between selected rigid bodies

  • con_type (enum in ['FIXED', 'POINT', 'HINGE', 'SLIDER', 'PISTON', 'GENERIC', 'GENERIC_SPRING', 'MOTOR'], (optional)) –

    Type, Type of generated constraint

    • FIXED Fixed – Glue rigid bodies together.

    • POINT Point – Constrain rigid bodies to move around common pivot point.

    • HINGE Hinge – Restrict rigid body rotation to one axis.

    • SLIDER Slider – Restrict rigid body translation to one axis.

    • PISTON Piston – Restrict rigid body translation and rotation to one axis.

    • GENERIC Generic – Restrict translation and rotation to specified axes.

    • GENERIC_SPRING Generic Spring – Restrict translation and rotation to specified axes with springs.

    • MOTOR Motor – Drive rigid body around or along an axis.

  • pivot_type (enum in ['CENTER', 'ACTIVE', 'SELECTED'], (optional)) –

    Location, Constraint pivot location

    • CENTER Center – Pivot location is between the constrained rigid bodies.

    • ACTIVE Active – Pivot location is at the active object position.

    • SELECTED Selected – Pivot location is at the selected object position.

  • connection_pattern (enum in ['SELECTED_TO_ACTIVE', 'CHAIN_DISTANCE'], (optional)) –

    Connection Pattern, Pattern used to connect objects

    • SELECTED_TO_ACTIVE Selected to Active – Connect selected objects to the active object.

    • CHAIN_DISTANCE Chain by Distance – Connect objects as a chain based on distance, starting at the active object.

:file:`startup/bl_operators/rigidbody.py\:268 <https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/src/branch/main/scripts/startup/bl_operators/rigidbody.py#L268>`_


Add Rigid Body Constraint to active object


type (enum in Rigidbody Constraint Type Items, (optional)) – Rigid Body Constraint Type


Remove Rigid Body Constraint from Object

bpy.ops.rigidbody.mass_calculate(material='DEFAULT', density=1.0)

Automatically calculate mass values for Rigid Body Objects based on volume

  • material (enum in ['DEFAULT'], (optional)) – Material Preset, Type of material that objects are made of (determines material density)

  • density (float in [1.17549e-38, inf], (optional)) – Density, Density value (kg/m^3), allows custom value if the ‘Custom’ preset is used


Add active object as Rigid Body


type (enum in Rigidbody Object Type Items, (optional)) – Rigid Body Type


Remove Rigid Body settings from Object


Copy Rigid Body settings from active object to selected

:file:`startup/bl_operators/rigidbody.py\:43 <https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/src/branch/main/scripts/startup/bl_operators/rigidbody.py#L43>`_


Add selected objects as Rigid Bodies


type (enum in Rigidbody Object Type Items, (optional)) – Rigid Body Type


Remove selected objects from Rigid Body simulation


Change collision shapes for selected Rigid Body Objects


type (enum in Rigidbody Object Shape Items, (optional)) – Rigid Body Shape


Add Rigid Body simulation world to the current scene


Remove Rigid Body simulation world from the current scene