Splash Screen

When starting Blender, the splash screen appears in the center of the window. It contains options to create new projects or open recent ones. A more detailed description can be found below.


Blender Splash Screen.

To close the splash screen and start a new project, click anywhere outside the splash screen (but inside the Blender window) or press Esc. The splash screen will disappear revealing the default screen. To reopen the splash screen, click on the Blender icon in the Topbar and select Splash Screen.


When starting Blender for the first time or updating to a new version, the "interactive region" contains a Quick Set Up Process.

Splash Image

The upper part of the splash screen contains the splash image with the Blender version in the top right.

Interactive Region

The interactive region is the bottom half of the splash screen.

New File

Start a new project based on a template.

Recent Files

Your most recently opened blend-files. This gives quick and easy access to your recent projects.


Allows opening an existing blend-file.

Recover Last Session

Blender will try to recover the last session based on temporary files. See Recovering Data.


Open Blender's Development Fund website.

What's New

Open the latest release notes.