Curve Pen





Toolbar ‣ Curve Pen

The Curve Pen tool allows you to construct and edit curves rapidly.



Curve Pen Preferences

The following preferences can be configured from: Preferences ‣ Keymap ‣ 3D View ‣ Curve ‣ 3D View Tool: Edit Curve, Curve Pen.

Extrude Point

LMB click to add a new point connected to an existing point.

Extrude Handle Type

The handle type of the extruded points. Can be either Vector or Auto. However, the handle type switches to Align when handles are moved (See Move Point).

Delete Point

Ctrl-LMB click on an existing point to delete it.

Insert Point

Ctrl-LMB click on a Curve Segment to insert a new control point between the two adjacent control points. Ctrl-LMB click and drag to control the handles of the inserted points.

Move Segment

LMB drag on a segment in between two control points to adjust the handles, changing the shape of the curve without affecting the location of any control points.

Select Point

LMB click to select a single point or handle at a time.

Move point

LMB drag to move existing points or handles. With an endpoint of a spline selected, click and drag on empty space to Extrude Point and move the handle at the same time.

Close Spline

Make the spline Cyclic by clicking the endpoints consecutively.

Close Spline Method

The condition for Close Spline to activate.


Turn off the Close Spline functionality.

On Press:

Close the spline on mouse down. With this option, you may click and drag to adjust the handles of the endpoint.

On Click:

Activate on mouse release. With this option, the Close Spline functionality will not be triggered on click and drag.

Toggle Vector

Double LMB click on a handle to switch handle between Vector and Auto handle types. Can be used to easily switch between sharp corners and smooth curves.

Cycle Handle Type

Double LMB click on the control point to cycle through all handle types.


Free-Align Toggle

Hold LeftShift while dragging a handle to switch between Free and Align handle types. Can be used to create sharp corners along the curve.

Move Adjacent Handle

Hold LeftCtrl while dragging a handle to move the closer handle of the adjacent control point. Can be helpful to make adjustments to newly created curve segments.

Move Entire

Hold Spacebar while dragging a handle to move the entire point.

Link Handles

Press RightCtrl while dragging a handle to mirror its movement on the opposite handle of the same point.

Lock Handle Angle

Hold LeftAlt while dragging a handle to limit the movement of the handle to its current direction, so only its length can be adjusted.