The Image Editor lets you create, view, and edit images, as well as see render results and intermediate Compositor output.


Image Editor with a test grid texture.



Used to sample the color of one or more pixels in the image. As long as you hold LMB, the footer will show the following:

  • X and Y coordinates of the mouse cursor.

  • Color in RGBA.

  • Color in RGB after Color Management.

  • Color in HSV.

  • Luminance.

Sample Size

The dimensions of the square used to sample underlying pixels. If larger than 1, the resulting sample is an average of all underlying pixels.


See Annotations for more information.

Asset Shelf Region

Depending on the current mode, the asset shelf may be available, providing quick access to assets for this specific mode (for example brush assets in Paint mode).

See Asset Shelf for more information.

Main View

Holding RMB will sample the image just like the Sample tool, except it will always sample only one pixel.