Object Data

The mesh Data-Block Menu can be used to link the data between objects.



Panel:Properties editor ‣ Object Data ‣ Normals

Normals panel.

Auto Smooth

Edges where an angle between the faces is smaller than specified in the Angle button will be smoothed, when shading of these parts of the mesh is set to smooth. This is an easier way to combine smooth and sharp edges.

Angle number button.
Double Sided
Lighting with positive normals on back-faces of the mesh in the viewport (OpenGL).



Example mesh with Auto Smooth enabled.

Siehe auch

Edge Split Modifier

With the Edge Split Modifier a result similar to Auto Smooth can be achieved with the ability to choose which edges should be split, based on angle.

Texture Space

These are settings of the texture space used by the generated texture mapping. The visualization of the texture space can be activated in the Display.

Texture Mesh
Auto Texture Space
Location, Size

Vertex Groups

See Vertex Groups Panel.

TODO add.

Shape Keys

See Shape Keys Panel.

TODO add.

UV Maps

See UV Maps Panel.

TODO add.

Vertex Colors

TODO add.

Geometry Data

TODO add.