Subdivision Surface Node

Subdivision Surface Node.

The Subdivision Surface node adds new faces to mesh geometry using a Catmull-Clark subdivision method.



Standard geometry input.


The number of subdivisions to apply to the input geometry.

Edge Crease

Controls how smooth edges should be with Weighted Edge Creases.

Vertex Crease

Controls how much the subdivision surface should be pulled towards the vertex. Similar to edge creases, but allows individual vertices to be creased.


UV Smooth

Controls how subdivision smoothing is applied to UVs.


UVs remain unchanged.

Keep Corners:

UV islands are smoothed, but their boundary remain unchanged.

Keep Corners, Junctions:

UVs are smoothed, corners on discontinuous boundary and junctions of three or more regions are kept sharp.

Keep Corners, Junctions, Concave:

UVs are smoothed, corners on discontinuous boundary, junctions of three or more regions and darts and concave corners are kept sharp.

Keep Boundaries:

UVs are smoothed, boundaries are kept sharp.


UVs and their boundaries are smoothed.

Boundary Smooth

Controls how open boundaries (and corners) are smoothed.


Smooth boundaries, including corners.

Keep Corners:

Smooth boundaries, but corners are kept sharp.



Standard geometry output.