Editing Tools


Select or moved.

Select Box

Select geometry by dragging a box.

Select Circle

Select geometry by painting on it.

Select Lasso

Select geometry by drawing a lasso.


Change the location of the 3D Cursor.


Translation tool.


Rotation tool.


Scale tool.

Scale Cage

Change the scale of an object by controlling its cage.


Tool to adjust the objects translation, rotations and scale.

Extrude E

Extrusion tools duplicate points, while keeping the new geometry connected with the original points.

Radius Alt-S

Expand or contract the thickness radius of the selected points.

Bend Shift-W

Bend selected points between the 3D cursor and the pointer.

Shear Shift-Ctrl-Alt-S

Shear selected points along the horizontal or vertical screen axis.

To Sphere Shift-Alt-S

Move selected points outward in a spherical shape around the selected strokes‘ center.

Transform Fill

Change the Translation, Rotation and scale of strokes fill.

Interpolate Ctrl-E

Automatically create a breakdown keyframe between two normal keyframes.


Draw free-hand annotation.

Annotate Line

Draw straight line annotation.

Annotate Polygon

Draw a polygon annotation.

Annotate Eraser

Erase previous drawn annotations.