Curves Sculpt Mode allows working with curves using various brushes. It is commonly used for hair grooming, but can be used with all kinds of curves.

The curves‘ surface object plays an important role in many curves sculpting brushes. Most brushes such as Add Curves require the surface to be set already.


Curves Sculpt tools only use the original mesh of the surface object and don’t take its modifiers into account.

Curves Menu

Snap to Deformed Surface

Re-attach curves to a deformed surface using the existing attachment information. This only works when the topology of the surface mesh has not changed.

Snap to Nearest Surface

Find the closest point on the surface for the root point of every curve and move the root there. This needs to be run after the surface mesh topology changed

Convert to Particle System

Add a new hair particle system, or update an system on the surface object. The operator is used for backwards compatibility with the old hair type particle system.

Selection Modes



Sculpt Mode


3D Viewport Header ‣ Select Mode


1, 2

Selection modes limits selection operators to certain curve domains. This feature is makes it easy to select whole segments at once, or to give more granular control over editing.

Control Points:

Allows selection of individual control points.


Limits selection to whole curve segments.

Select Menu


Select all control points or curves.


Deselect all control points or curves.


Invert the selection.


Randomizes inside the existing selection or create new random selection if nothing is selected already.


Select endpoints of curves. Only supported in the Control Point selection mode.

Amount Start, End

Number of points to select from the front or back of the curve.


Select points or curves which are close to already selected elements.


Sculpt mode provides several properties that give advanced control of the tool’s behavior. These options can be found in the right-hand side of the 3D Viewport’s Header.


Allows tools to affect curves symmetrically according to the chosen axis.

Use Sculpt Collision

Prevents the curve segments from passing through the Surface Object.



Cage Opacity

Shows the original curves that are currently being edited which is useful with when procedural deformations or child curves are used.