Geometry Node Editor

The Geometry Node editor is used to edit Node Groups which are used by the Geometry Node Modifier. Such a node group can define many operations to modify an object’s geometry.

A list of all Geometry Nodes is available in the modeling section.




See Selecting Nodes.


See Annotations.

Links Cut

See Cut Links.

Tool Context

These popover menus are displayed in the header when the tool context is enabled. These properties determine where the tool is available in the user interface.

See Supported Modes & Data-Types for more information.


The Object Types the tool supports.


The node tree supports Mesh Objects.


The node tree supports Curve Objects.


The Object Modes the tool supports.

Object Mode

The node group can be used in Object mode.

Edit Mode

The node group can be used in edit mode.

Sculpt Mode

The node group can be used in Sculpt Mode.


Wait for Click

Wait for a mouse click input (LMB) before running the operator from a menu. This is useful for the Mouse Position Node.