Mask Node

Mask Node.

The Mask node can be used to select a Mask data-block. This node can be used with other nodes, for example to Invert, Multiply or Mix, or used as a factor input.


This node has no input sockets.



The selectable mask data-block. If the label is left blank, the mask name will be set.


Use or ignore feather points defined for splines see Mask Feathers for more details.


Scene Size will give an image the size of the render resolution for the scene, scaling along when rendering with different resolutions. Fixed gives a fixed size in pixels. Fixed/Scene gives a size in pixels that still scales along when changing the render resolution percentage in the scene.

Motion Blur

For animated masks, creating a motion blurred mask from the surrounding frames, with a given number of samples (higher gives better quality), and a camera shutter time in seconds.



The black-and-white output of the mask.



Example of the Mask node.

In the example above, the Mask node is used to isolate the object from the background to preserve it from being corrected.