The Workbench engine does not use the lights of the scene. The lighting conditions that will be used can be set in the Lighting panel.



Properties ‣ Render ‣ Lighting


Objects are “shaded” in a flat color, without any hilights or shadows.


Use a predefined studio lighting setup, such as a key light shining from the front and a rim light shining from the back. Click the sphere to choose a different setup.

The studio lights can be configured in the Preferences. By default, they follow the viewport camera around, but this can be changed:

World Space Lighting

Keep the lights fixed in place rather than following the viewport camera.


The rotation of the lights on the Z axis.


Use a Material Capture, which is an image with texturing, lighting and even reflections baked into it. Objects are shaded by simply picking colors from this image based on the direction of the normal in relation to the camera.

Click the sphere to choose a different MatCap, or the double arrow button to flip it horizontally.

Custom MatCaps can be loaded in the Preferences.