Active F-Curve Panel



Properties region ‣ F-Curve ‣ Active F-Curve


Active F-Curve panel.

This panel displays properties for the active F-Curve.

Channel Name

ID Type + Channel name (X Location).

RNA Path

RNA Path to property + Array index.

Color Mode

Color Mode for the active F-Curve.

Auto Rainbow

Increment the hue of the F-Curve color based on the channel index.

Auto XYZ to RGB

For property sets like location XYZ, automatically set the set of colors to red, green, blue.

User Defined

Define a custom color for the active F-Curve.

Auto Handle Smoothing

Selects the method used to compute automatic Bézier handles (Automatic, Auto Clamped, Vector).


Only directly adjacent key values are considered when computing the handles.

This legacy method is very simple and predictable, but it can only produce good smooth curves in the most trivial cases.

Continuous Acceleration

A system of equations is solved for each continuous stretch of curve without manual handles in order to avoid or minimize jumps in acceleration at every keyframe.

Active Keyframe Panel



Properties region ‣ F-Curve ‣ Active Keyframe


Active Keyframe panel.


Set the forward Interpolation Mode for the active keyframe.


See Easing Type.


Set the frame for the active keyframe.


Set the value for the active keyframe.

Left/Right Handle

Set the position of the left/right interpolation handle for the active keyframe.

Handle Type

See Handle Types.

View Properties



Properties region ‣ View ‣ View Properties


View Properties.

Show Cursor

Toggles the visibility of the 2D Cursor.

Cursor from Selection

Places the 2D Cursor at the midpoint of the selected keyframes.

Cursor Location

Moves the cursor to the specified frame (X value) and value (Y value).

To Keys

Applies the current location of the 2D cursor to the selected keyframes.

See also

Graph Editor’s View Menu.