Mesh Boolean Node

Mesh Boolean node.

The Mesh Boolean Node allows you to cut, subtract, and join the geometry of two inputs. This node offers the same operations as the Boolean modifier.


Mesh 1/2

Standard geometry input.

Self Intersection

Correctly calculates cases when one or both operands have self-intersections. This involves more calculations making the node slower.

Hole Tolerant

Optimizes the Boolean output for Non-manifold geometry at the cost of increased computational time. Because of the performance impact, this option should only be enabled when the solver demonstrates errors with non-manifold geometry.



Produce a new geometry containing only the volume inside of both geometry 1 and geometry 2.


The two input meshes are joined, then any interior elements are removed.


Geometry 2 is subtracted from geometry 1 (everything outside of geometry 2 is kept).


Algorithm used to calculate the Boolean intersections.


Uses a mathematically simple solver which offers the best performance; however, this solver lacks support for overlapping geometry.


Uses a mathematically complex solver which offers the best results and has full support for overlapping geometry; however, this solver is much slower than the Fast Solver.



Standard geometry output.

Intersecting Edges Exact Solver

A boolean attribute field with a selection of the edges that were created where the two inputs meet.