Draw mode is the mode in Grease Pencil that allows you to draw in the 3D View. This mode is actually the only one in which new strokes can be created.

Already made strokes can not be selected in Draw Mode, for editing strokes you must use the Edit Mode or Sculpt Mode.

Draw Mode


3D View Mode selector: Draw Mode.

Draw Mode is selected from the mode menu of the 3D Viewport header. Once Draw Mode is activated, the Tool Shelf of the 3D Viewport will change to Draw Mode specific panels and a circle with the same color as the active material will appear and follow the location of the cursor in the 3D View.

To create new strokes you have to select one of the drawing tools in the Toolbar. The most common one is the Draw tool for free-hand drawings but there are many other tools for drawing, filling areas and erasing strokes. There are also some tools to create primitives shapes like lines, arcs, curves, boxes and circles.

See Toolbar for more details.

When drawing, the final appearance of the strokes is the result of the combination of the brush and material selected for the tool.

See Draw Brush and Materials for more information about setting up drawing brushes and materials.

Strokes Location and Orientation Controls

Drawing in the 3D space is not the same as drawing on a flat canvas. When drawing with Grease Pencil you have to define the location and orientation in the 3D space for the new strokes.


3D View header Controls for strokes.

Stroke Placement

Stroke Placement selector define the new strokes location in 3D space.

See Stroke Placement for more information.

Drawing Planes

Drawing Planes selector define the plane (orientation) in which the new strokes will be restricted.

See Drawing Planes for more information.


Different Guides types can be activated to assist you when drawing new strokes.

See Guides for more information.

Drawing Options


General drawing options.

Draw on Back
When enabled, new strokes is drawn below of all strokes in the layer. For example when you want to paint with a fill material below line strokes on a character and they are in the same layer.
Add Weight Data

When enabled, new strokes weight data is added according to the current vertex group and weight. If there is no vertex group selected, weight data is not added.

Useful for example in cut-out animation for adding new drawing on the same vertex group without the need to make it afterwards.

See Weight Paint Mode for more information.

Additive Drawing
When creating new frames, the strokes from the previous/active frame are include as basis for the new one.