View Menu

The view menu is located in the header of the 3D View. The list below includes all menu entries discussed in other sections of the manual.

Render Border… Ctrl-B

See Render Borders.

Clear Render Border Ctrl-Alt-B

See Render Borders.

Show all Layers Backtick

Makes all layers visible.

View Local/Global NumpadSlash

Toggles Local/Global Views.

View Selected NumpadPeriod

Focuses view on currently selected object/s by centering them in the viewport, and zooming in until they fill the screen.

View All Home

Resets viewable area to show every object.

Play Back Animation Alt-A

Plays back the animation from the current frame.

Duplicate Area in New Window

Clones the current area (3D View) in a new window.

Toggle Maximized Area

Maximizes the area (3D View).

Toggle Fullscreen Area

Maximizes the area (3D View) to fill the full screen area.