Fill Curve Node

Fill Curve node.

The Fill Curve node generates a mesh using the constrained Delaunay triangulation algorithm with the curves as boundaries. The mesh is only generated flat with a local Z of 0.



Standard geometry input with a curve component.

Group ID

Value used to group curves together. Curves with different Group ID are treated separately.



The type of geometry the output consists of.


The output is made up of triangles.


The output is made up of n-gons.



The filled-in curves.


Customized triangulation

One or many “single point spline” can be used to customize the triangulation of the filled-in curves.


This is the default behavior of the Fill Curve node applied to the star primitive.


Here, a single curve point is joined to the star primitive to customize the triangulation.


Here, 300 single curve point are joined to the star primitive to customize the triangulation.

Group ID

The following figures display diverse application of the Group ID.

Here, the 4 curves share the same Group ID, resulting in 1 mesh island (default behavior).


Here, the 4 curves have different Group ID, resulting in 4 mesh islands.


Here, the 4 curves are seperated into two groups based on their positions, resulting in 2 mesh islands.