Hair Dynamics



Particle System ‣ Hair Dynamics

Hair particles can have dynamic properties using physics. To enable hair physics, click the checkbox beside Hair Dynamics.

Quality Steps

Quality of the simulation in steps per frame (higher is better quality but slower).

Pin Goal Strength

Spring stiffness of the vertex target position.


If you use motion blur in your animation, you will need to bake one extra frame past the last frame which you will be rendering.



A general setting for how fine and good a simulation you wish. Higher numbers take more time but ensure less tears and penetrations through the hair.


The distance another object must get to the hair for the simulation to repel the hair out of the way. Smaller values might cause errors but provide some speed-up while larger will give unrealistic results if too large and can be slow. It is best to find a good in between value.

Impulse Clamping

Prevents explosions in tight and complicated collision situations by restricting the amount of movement after a collision.

Collision Collection

Only objects that are a part of this Collection can collide with the hair. Note that these objects must also have Collision physics enabled.




Particle System ‣ Hair Dynamics ‣ Structure

Vertex Mass

Value for the mass of the hair.


Controls the bending stiffness of the hair strands.


Random stiffness of hair.


Damping of bending motion.




Particle System ‣ Hair Dynamics ‣ Volume

Some phenomena of real-world hair can be simulated more efficiently using a volumetric model instead of the basic geometric strand model. This means constructing a regular grid such as those used in fluid simulations and interpolating hair properties between the grid cells.

Air Drag

Controls how thick the air is around the hair causing the hair to flow slower.

Internal Friction

Amount of friction between individual hairs.

Voxel Grid Cell Size

Size of the voxel grid cells for interaction effects.

Density Target

Maximum density of the hair.

Density Strength

The influence that the Density Target has on the simulation.