La comunità di Blender

Being freely available from the start, even while it was closed source, considerably helped Blender’s adoption by the community. A large, stable, and active community of users has gathered around Blender since 1998. The community showed its support for Blender in 2002 when they helped raise €100,000 in seven weeks to enable Blender to go Open Source under the GNU GPL License.

Siti indipendenti

There are several independent websites such as forums, blogs, news, and tutorial sites dedicated to Blender.

One of the largest community forums is Blender Artists, where Blender users gather to show off their creations, get feedback, ask and offer help and, in general, discuss Blender.

Ottenere supporto

Blender’s community is one of its greatest features, so apart from this user manual, there are many different ways to get support from other users, such as Blender Chat, Stack Exchange, and Reddit.

For studios and organizations there is Enterprise support, and for studios looking to add Blender to their pipeline, Blender Studio contains documentation and training material around this topic. If you think you have found an issue with Blender, please report a bug.

Maggiori dettagli sul supporto sono disponibili nella `pagina di supporto <> `__.


Essendo open source, Blender accoglie con favore lo sviluppo di volontari. La comunicazione tra gli sviluppatori avviene principalmente attraverso tre piattaforme:

Se sei interessato ad aiutare lo sviluppo di Blender, consulta la pagina Partecipa.

Blender Chat

Per una discussione in tempo reale, abbiamo che usa Blender ID per l’autenticazione.

Puoi unirti a questi canali:

  • #today Per ottenere risposte dalla community.

  • #blender-coders Per gli sviluppatori discutere lo sviluppo di Blender.

  • #python For support for developers using the Python API.

  • #docs Per discussioni relative alla documentazione di Blender.