The annotation tool is available in multiple editors. It can be used to add notes to e.g. 3D objects or node setups. The arrow in the screenshot below is an annotation.


Strumento di annotazioni in un editor di nodi.#

Annotation Tools#

The annotation tool can be activated in the Toolbar and has the following sub-tools:


Draw free-hand strokes in the main area.

Annota Linea

Click and drag to create a line. Optionally, you can select the arrow style for the start and end of the line.

Annota Poligono

Click multiple times to create multiple connected lines, then press Return or Esc to confirm.

Annota Gomma

Click and drag to remove lines. The eraser has a Radius setting found in Tool Settings.

Strumento Impostazioni#



Adjust the color of existing and new strokes.

Annotation Layer

A pop-over menu, showing the name of the current layer, to access the Annotation Layers.


Determines where the annotations are drawn.

Cursore 3D:

Only available in the 3D Viewport. The new annotations become part of the 3D scene; they’re drawn on an imaginary plane that goes through the Cursore 3D and is aligned to your view.


Only available in the 3D Viewport. The new annotations become part of the 3D scene; they’re drawn onto the surface of the object under the mouse. If there is no surface, you get the same behavior as 3D Cursor.


Only available in 2D editors such as the Image Editor. The annotations become part of the 2D space, meaning their position and size change as you pan and zoom in the editor.


The new annotations are 2D and get stuck to the screen. They keep the same position, rotation and size no matter how you pan, orbit or zoom in the editor.

Stabilize Stroke

Helps to reduce jitter of the strokes while drawing by delaying and correcting the location of points.


Minimum distance from the last point before the stroke continues.


A smooth factor, where higher values result in smoother strokes but the drawing sensation feels like as if you were pulling the stroke.

Annota Linea#

Style Start, End

The decoration to use at the beginning or end of the line segment. This can be used for example to create arrows to point out specific details in a scene.

Annotation Layers#

When the annotation tool is enabled, the settings for managing multiple layers can be found in the Sidebar ‣ View ‣ Annotations panel.


Adjusts the opacity of existing and new strokes.


Regola lo spessore di tratti esistenti e nuovi.

Onion Skin#

Mostra un’immagine fantasma di tratti realizzati in cornici prima e dopo il fotogramma corrente. L” Onion skinning funziona solo nel Vista 3D e nel Sequencer. Vedere la documentazione di Grease Pencil per una spiegazione di Onion Skinning.


Color to use before and after the current frame on ghost frames. The number defines how many frames to show before and after the current frame.