Snapping lets you easily align UV elements to others. It can be toggled by clicking the magnet icon in the UV Editor’s header, or more temporarily by holding Ctrl.

This page is about the Snap header button; for the Snap menu, see UV Editing.

Snap Target



Snapping ‣ Snap To




Snaps to grid points.

This option snaps to an imaginary grid that starts at the selection’s original location and has the same resolution as the grid displayed in the editor. In other words, it lets you move the selection in «increments» of the grid cell size.


Snaps to grid points.


Snaps to the vertex that’s closest to the mouse cursor.

Additional Options

Snap Base Vertex

See 3D Viewport Snapping for more information.


Specifies which transformations are affected by snapping. By default, snapping only happens while moving something, but you can also enable it for rotating and scaling.

Rotation Increment

Angle used in incremental snapping for the rotation operator. The second value is the Rotation Precision Increment, used for finer transformations and activated by default with the Shift key.