Sample Nearest Surface Node

Sample Nearest Surface node.

The Sample Nearest Surface node finds values at the closest points on the surface of a source mesh geometry. Non-face attributes are interpolated across the surface.

This node is similar to the Geometry Proximity Node, but it gives the value of any attribute at the closest surface point, not just its position.


Because the node samples the surface of a mesh rather than its edges or vertices, values from loose points and edges are ignored.



The geometry to retrieve the attribute from.


A field to evaluate on the Source geometry for use with the transfer method.

Group ID

Is evaluated on the face domain and splits the input mesh into multiple parts, each with its own id.

Sample Position

The position to start from when finding the closest location on the target mesh. By default, this is the same as if the Position Node was connected.

Sample Group ID

Determines in which group the closest nearest surface is detected.


Data Type

The data type to use for the retrieved values.



The data retrieved and interpolated from the Source geometry, mapped based on the node’s settings and inputs.

Is Valid

Whether the sampling was successful. It can fail when the sampled group is empty.