Modalità Modifica


Toolbar ‣ Knife ‣ Bisect


Mesh ‣ Bisect

The Bisect tool is a quick way to cut a mesh in two along a custom plane.

Use LMB click and drag to draw cut line. Once the cut is done the Regola Ultima Operazione panel gives a few options:

Plane Point, Plane Normal

The plane can be numerically adjusted for precise values.


Cuts can optionally fill in the holes created, with materials, UV maps, and Color Attributes based on the surrounding geometry.

Clear Inner, Clear Outer

Cuts may remove geometry on one side.

Axis Threshold

Cut along the straight plane or along the existing geometry below the distance from the plane.


Move Spacebar

Changes the location of the line.

Snap Ctrl

Constrains the rotation of the line to 15 degree intervals.

Flip F

Changes the side of the line that is the inner/outer side; this option is useful when using Clear Inner, Clear Outer and/or Fill.



Example of a common use of bisect.


Example of bisect with the fill option enabled.