Curve to Mesh Node#

Nó Curve to Mesh.

The Curve to Mesh node converts all splines of a curve to a mesh. Optionally, a profile curve can be provided to give the curve a custom shape.

The node transfers attributes to the result. Attributes that are built-in on meshes but not curves, like sharp_face, will be transferred to the correct domain as well.


The output mesh has sharp edges set from the profile curve tagged automatically. If any splines in the profile curve are Bézier splines and any of the control points use Free or Vector handles, the corresponding edges will be shaded sharp.



Geomatria padrão de entrada. Todos componenetes não-curva são ignorados.

Profile Curve

Se um perfil de curva é fornecido, ele será extrudado ao longo de todas splines. Senão a malha será apenas uma cadeia de arestas.

Preencher terminações

If the profile spline is cyclic, fill the ends of the generated mesh with n-gons. The resulting mesh is Manifold, the two new faces for each spline are simply connected to existing edges.


Este nó não possui propriedades.



Saída padrão de geometria.