Solucionador de câmera#

A restrição tipo Solucionador de câmera fornece ao proprietário desta restrição, a localização e rotação do «movimento resolvido da câmera».

The «solved camera motion» is where Blender reconstructs the position of the physical, real-world camera, when it filmed the video footage, relative to the thing being tracked.


This constraint only works after you have set up a minimum of eight markers and pressed Solve Camera Motion (Movie Clip Editor ‣ Toolbar ‣ Solve ‣ Solve Camera Motion).



O painel da restrição tipo solucionador de câmera.#

Clipe ativo

Receive tracking data from the scene’s Active Clip. If unchecked, an option appears to choose from the other clips.

Constraint to F-Curve

Aplica a restrição, criando quadros-chave para as transformações.


Controls the percentage of affect the constraint has on the object. See common constraint properties for more information.