The Outliner editor.#

The Outliner is a list that organizes data in the blend-file, i.e. the scene data, Video Sequencer data, or anything that gets stored in a blend-file. The Outliner can be used to:

  • View the data in the scene.

  • Select and deselect objects in the scene.

  • Hide or show an object in the scene.

  • Enable or disable selection (to make an object «unselectable» in the 3D Viewport).

  • Enable or disable the rendering of an object.

  • Delete objects from the scene.

  • Unlink data (equivalent to pressing the X button next to the name of a data-block).

  • Manage collections in the scene.

Each row in the Outliner shows a data-block. You can LMB click the disclosure triangle to the left of a name to expand the current data-block and see what other data-blocks it contains. Holding Shift when clicking on the disclosure triangle will expand child data-blocks recursively. LMB Clicking and dragging along disclosure triangles will expand or collapse multiple data-blocks.



The Outliner with different kinds of data.#