Weight Paint Tools#

Para o modo Weight Paint do Grease Pencil cada tipo de pincél é exposto como uma ferramenta, o pincél pode ser mudado nas Configurações da Ferramenta. Veja Brush para mais informação.


Pinta um peso especificado sobre os traços.


Smooths out the weighting of adjacent points. In this mode the Weight Value is ignored. The strength defines how much the smoothing is applied.


Smooths weights by painting the average resulting weight from all weights under the brush.


Smudges weights by grabbing the weights under the brush and «dragging» them. This can be imagined as a finger painting tool.


Draw free-hand annotation.

Annotate Line

Draw straight line annotation.

Annotate Polygon

Draw a polygon annotation.

Annotate Eraser

Erase previous drawn annotations.