Object Mode e Edit Mode


Add ‣ Curve



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When adding curves there are some common options like other Objects.

In Object/Edit Mode, the Add Surface menu, provides six different surface primitives:


As primitivas de superfície NURBS.#


As primitivas de curvas tipo NURBS#


Adds a generic curve of four control points forming an arc.

Círculo NURBS#

Adds an a closed loop of control point forming a circle. Note, a circle NURBS surface is never filled, unlike its «real» curve counterpart…

NURBS Surface#

Adds a generic surface patch consisting of a 4×4 grid plane with the center grid slightly raised.

NURBS Cylinder#

Adds an open end cylinder, consisting of an extruded NURBS Circle.

NURBS Sphere#

Adds a generic sphere constructed by revolving a grid of control points about an axis.

NURBS Torus#

Adds a doughnut-shaped primitive created by rotating a circle around an axis.