Maintain Volume Constraint#

The Maintain Volume constraint limits the volume of a mesh or a bone to a given ratio of its original volume.



Maintain Volume Constraint.#


Specifies how the constraint handles scaling of the non-free axes.


This mode overrides non-free axis scaling to strictly maintain the specified volume. Only the ratio between the scale of the non-free axes is passed through.


This mode maintains the volume as specified only when the pre-constraint scaling is uniform. Deviations from uniform scaling on non-free axes are passed through.

Single Axis

This mode maintains the volume only when the object is scaled just on its free axis. Any additional non-free axis scaling is passed through.

Free Axis

The free-scaling axis of the object.


The bone’s rest volume.


This constraint allows you to choose in which space to evaluate its owner’s transform properties. See common constraint properties for more information.


Constraint가 오브젝트에 미치는 영향의 백분율을 제어합니다. 자세한 내용은 공통 common constraint properties 을 참조합니다.