Blur Attribute Node

Blur Attribute node.

The Blur Attribute node is implementation of Blur effect for attributes based on geometry topology.

Meen of each step is mixing value of each primitive with neighbors. Weight of primitive is factor for multiplying all neighbor’s value before accumulate its as new primitive value.

Blurring can work when values on primitives have explicit relations. Therefore, the attribute can only be affected on the Meshes and Curves components.

Attribute domain expect same limitation as components. Explicit relation for correct blurring have Points, Edges, Faces of mesh, and Points of curve.


Face corner no implemented due to this type of primitive have a lot of possible relation that mean it can’t be implemented in general correct.

Defining domain of node inputs evaluating is based on context of node output evaluation.

For correct expected result available all Attribute Type without boolean. The Boolean attribute type has mixing issues.

You can avoid this limitation with using Int type.



The immediate value of each primitive to blur.


Number of repeats of mixing value with neighbors. Each iteration is independent. Until one iteration is completed, its results are not used as a source for next blurring.


Weight of each primitive.


Data Type

The data type used for the evaluated data.



Values, mixed with neighbors defined number of times.



Input is Mesh Plane. First Subdivide Mesh Node add some faces for capture color with Random Value Node used as hue in Combine Color Node on this. Now second Subdivide Mesh Node split each face on a lot of new. Each one new duplicate original attribute. Blur Attribute node mixing all attributes for each faces. Due to this result so smooth.