PDT Trigonometrical Waves#

The Menu for Trigonometrical Waves


This section of PDT is used to generate Trigonometrical Waves in a selected Object. In order to enable the Generate button, the use must first select an object using the Object Selector box.

There are then a number of parameters that need to be set:

  • The Working Plane - this is just a duplicate display of the main PDT Working Plane.

  • The Wave Form - Sine Cosine, or Tangent.

  • The number of Cycles - each cycle is 180 degrees, NOT a full circle, so a value of 1 will result in one peak with a sine wave for example.

  • The Cycle Length - the length in blend file units of one cycle.

  • Amplitud- la altura de la onda.

  • Whether to Empty the target object, set to true this will delete all vertices in the target object.

  • The Resolution - the number of vertices on one cycle.

  • If you are generating a Tangent wave, the maximum amplitude of the wave. Tangent functions range from 0 to infinity over a 90 degree wave, so this limits the extent to which the tangent wave will extend.

  • The Start Location - the point at which the first vertex will appear in Global Coordinates.

  • Whether Absolute values are required. In this context Absolute means greater than 0, so all peaks will be positive.

Here is a «Before» image:


And here is an «After» image:


Here is an example of «Absolute» values using a Sine Wave:


And finally an example of a Tangent Wave limited to a maximum value of 5: