Nodo Composición#

El nodo Composición.

The Composite node is where the actual output from the Compositor is connected to the renderer. This node is updated after each render, but also reflects changes in the node tree (provided at least one finished input node is connected).


Connecting a node to the Composite node will output the result of the prior tree of that node to the Compositor.


RGB image. The default is black, so leaving this node unconnected will result in a black image.


El canal alfa.


Usar alfa

Used alpha channel, colors are treated alpha premultiplied. If disabled, alpha channel gets set to 1, and colors are treated as alpha straight, i.e. color channels does not change.


Este nodo no contiene conectores de salida.


If multiple Composite nodes are added, only the active one (last selected, indicated by a red header) will be used.