Set Curve Normal Node#

Set Curve Normal node.

The Set Curve Normal controls the method used to calculate curve normals for every curve.

The node doesn’t set the normals directly, those are calculated later as necessary. Combined with the tilt attribute value at each control point, this will define the final normals accessible with the Nodo Normal.

Internally this node adjusts the values of the normal_mode attribute on each curve.



Entrada estándar de geometría, conteniendo curvas.


Whether or not to change the value on each curve.


Input for the custom normal attribute (custom_normal) when using Free mode.



The method for evaluation of the curve’s normals

Minimum Twist:

The final normals are calculated to have the smallest twist around the curve tangent across the whole curve.


The final normals are calculated so that they is perpendicular to the Z axis and the tangent. If a series of points is vertical, the X axis is used


Use the stored custom normal attribute (custom_normal) as the final normals.

This mode adds a Normal input that can be used to set the value of the custom normal.


Custom normals are not rotation invariant, meaning normals must be set after any rotation transformations; i.e. at the end of the node tree or at the bottom of the modifier stack.



Salida estándar de geometría.