Volume Displace Modifier#


This modifier is only available for Volume Objects.

The Volume Displace modifier displaces existing volume grids based on a 3D texture. It uses the RGB color channels of the texture to displace the volume into the X, Y and Z direction.



The Volume Displace modifier.#


The texture that is evaluated at every voxel to determine how far and in what direction to displace.


Grayscale textures lead to stretching along one axis. It’s best to use a color texture.


Controls how far voxels are displaced.

Sample Radius

Smaller values result in better performance, but might cut off the volume outside.

Mid Level

This should be modified if the texture offsets the entire volume in one direction and you want to center it again. For performance reasons, the displaced volume should stay close to its original position.



A volume displaced with various strengths.#