Weight Paint Tools#

For Grease Pencil Weight Paint modes each brush type is exposed as a tool, the brush can be changed in the Tool Settings. See Brush for more information.


Paints a specified weight over the strokes.


Smooths out the weighting of adjacent points. In this mode the Weight Value is ignored. The strength defines how much the smoothing is applied.


Smooths weights by painting the average resulting weight from all weights under the brush.


Smudges weights by grabbing the weights under the brush and «dragging» them. This can be imagined as a finger painting tool.


Permite dibujar anotaciones a mano alzada.

Anotar (Línea)

Permite dibujar una anotación en forma de línea recta.

Anotar (Polígono)

Permite dibujar una anotación en forma de polígono.

Borrar anotación

Permite borrar anotaciones dibujadas anteriormente.