Nodo Identificador del más cercano#

El nodo Identificador del más cercano.

The Index of Nearest node is a way to find other close elements in the same geometry. If needed you can use Group ID to determine the group of neighbors to be analyzed together.

This is an alternative to the Nodo Muestrear más cercano node. The main difference is that this node does not require a geometry input, because the geometry from the field context is used.


This is often combined with the Evaluate at Index Node or the Nodo Muestrear identificador node.



The position for each element to search. By default, this is the same as if the Nodo Posición was connected.

ID del grupo

ID to group elements together.



The index of the closest element in the same geometry component.

Has Neighbor

This is true when the group of the element has at least two elements. This is only relevant when using Group ID.