Nodo Guardar archivo#

El nodo Guardar archivo.

This node writes out an image, for each frame range specified, to the filename entered, as part of a frameset sequence.

This node can be used as a way to automatically save the image after a render; In addition, since this node can be hooked in anywhere in the node tree, it can also save intermediate images automatically.



The image(s) will be saved on rendering, writing to the current frame. An entire sequence of images will be saved, when an animation is rendered.


Ruta base

Unlike the render output filepath, this node uses a base directory and an image name, by default the output path is composed of: {base path}/{file name}{frame number}.{extension}.

Besides being split into two settings, in all other respects, this setting is treated the same as the render output path.

Formato de archivo

Label that shows the selected file format.


Será posible establecer más opciones desde la Barra lateral.


Este nodo no contiene conectores de salida.