Entorno de cuerpos rígidos#



Escena ‣ Entorno de cuerpos rígidos

El Entorno de cuerpos rígidos es un grupo de objetos de cuerpo rígido, que contienen configuraciones que se aplicarán a todos los cuerpos rígidos de esa simulación.

When you add rigid body physics to an object, primary there is created a group of objects with default «RigidBodyWorld» name. Rigid body objects automatically are added to this group when you add rigid body physics for them. You can create several Rigid Body World Collections and allocate the rigid body objects with the Collections panel.

Rigid body objects and constraints are only taken into account by the simulation if they are in the collection specified in the Collection field of the Rigid Body World panel in the Scene tab.


Entorno de cuerpos rígidos

Enable/disable evaluation of the rigid body simulation based on the rigid body objects participating in the specified group of Rigid Body World.

Eliminar entorno de cuerpos rígidos

Elimina la simulación de cuerpos rígidos de la escena actual.


Containing rigid body objects participating in this simulation.


Containing rigid body object constraints participating in the simulation.

Simulation quality and timing settings:


Can be used to speed up/slow down the simulation.

Dividir impulso

Enable/disable reducing extra velocity that can build up when objects collide (lowers the simulation stability a little so use only when necessary). Limits the force with which objects are separated on collision, generally produces nicer results, but makes the simulation less stable (especially when stacking many objects).

Subintervalos por fotograma

Number of simulation steps taken per frame (higher values are more accurate but slower). This only influences the accuracy and not the speed of the simulation.

Iteraciones de cálculo

Amount of constraint solver iterations made per simulation step (higher values are more accurate but slower). Increasing this makes constraints and object stacking more stable.

Caché de cuerpos rígidos#



Escena ‣ Entorno de cuerpos rígidos ‣ Caché

The Cache subpanel specifies the frame range in which the simulation is active. Can be used to bake the simulation.


First and last frame of the simulation.


Calculates the simulation and protects the cache. You need to be in Object Mode to bake.

Free Bake

Active after the baking of simulation. Clears the baked cache.

Calculate to Frame

Capturar las dinámicas hasta el fotograma actual.

Current Cache to Bake

Bake from Cache.

Bake All Dynamics

Bake all physics.

Free All Bakes

Free all baked caches of all objects in the current scene.

Update All to Frame

Actualizar el caché hasta el fotograma actual.

If you have not saved the blend-file, the cache is created in memory, so save your file first or the cache may be lost.

Influencias de campos de fuerza#



Escena ‣ Entorno de cuerpos rígidos ‣ Campos de fuerza - Influencias

As other physics dynamics systems, rigid body simulation are also influenced by external force effectors.