Nodo Hacer instancias reales#

El nodo Hacer instancias reales.

The Realize Instances node makes any instances (efficient duplicates of the same geometry) into real geometry data. This makes it possible to affect each instance individually, whereas without this node, the exact same changes are applied to every instance of the same geometry. However, performance can become much worse when the input contains many instances of complex geometry, which is a fundamental limitation when procedurally processing geometry.


If the input contains multiple volume instances, only the first volume component is moved to the output.


When merging attributes from multiple geometry inputs, the highest complexity data type is chosen for the output attribute. In other words, if a weight attribute has a Boolean type on one geometry input and a vector data type on another geometry, the weight attribute on the output geometry will have a vector data type.

Named and anonymous attributes are propagated from the instance domain to the realized geometry. If the same attribute exists on the geometry and on an instance, the attribute values from the geometry has precedence over the values on the instances.

In order to avoid creating duplicate values, the id attribute has special handling. The id values or indices of each instance are combined with id values from the points on geometry data.


Like other geometry nodes, this node always outputs generic typed attributes. So instead of a Vertex Group attribute, it will create a «Float» attribute on the result, and it will create a generic 2D vector attribute instead of a special «UV Map» attribute. Some other areas of Blender don’t properly handle generic attributes in version 3.0.

Custom face corner normals are also not transferred currently.



Entrada estándar de geometría.


Este nodo no contiene propiedades.



Salida estándar de geometría.