Barra de herramientas#

The amount of tools in sculpt mode is very extensive. This is an overview of all of them, categorized by their general functions.

Add/Subtract Brushes#


Recognizable by their blue icon and cursor. These brushes generally push vertices outwards and inwards.


The standard brush for pushing vertices inwards and outwards from the surface direction.

Draw Sharp

Same as Draw but with a much sharper Falloff. Useful for creating creases and sharp angles.


Similar to the Draw brush but with a flattening effect and subtle smoothing. Useful for polishing and building volumes.

Clay Strips

The same as the Clay brush, but more aggressive with a square falloff. A common standard for building rough volumes.


Draw with a fixed height. Useful for adding flat layers to a surface.


Moves the mesh in multiple direction. Useful for inflating or shrinking surfaces and volumes.


Magnifies the mesh as you draw. Useful for an additional inflation effect on the stroke.


Same as Blob but with a pinching effect. Useful for creating and polishing sharp creases.

Contrast Brushes#


Recognizable by their red icon and cursor. These brushes generally flatten or heighten the contrast of the surface.


Smooths out irregularities in the surface and shrinks volumes by averaging the vertices positions. An essential brush that is frequently used.


Pushes vertices to an average height to create a flat plateau.


Pushes surfaces outwards. Useful for filling in holes and crevices.


Pushes surfaces inwards. This is the most common brush for flattening meshes.

Multiplane Scrape

Scrapes the mesh with two angled planes at the same time, producing a sharp edge between them.

Transform Brushes#


Recognizable by their yellow icon and cursor. These brushes generally move, pinch and magnify the mesh.


Pulls vertices towards the center of the brush. Useful for polishing angles and creases.


Moves vertices along with the mouse. An essential brush for building shapes and adjusting proportions.

Elastic Deform

Used to simulate realistic deformations such as grabbing or twisting of Elastic objects.

Snake Hook

Pulls vertices along with the stroke to create long, snake-like forms.


Same as Grab but moves vertices along the surface direction. Useful for preserving specific surfaces.


Simulating an armature-like deformations. Useful for quick posing and transformations.


Similar as Thumb but dynamically picks up vertices like the Snake Hook. Useful for nudging something along the mesh surface.


Rotates vertices within the brush in the direction mouse.

Slide Relax

Slides the topology of the mesh in the direction of the stroke while preserving the geometrical shape of the mesh. Also useful for redistributing topology where it is needed.


Transform mesh boundaries specifically with various deformations.

General Brushes#


No clear color assignment. These brushes are general purpose brushes or specific.


Simulates cloth to create folds and draping, which can be sculpted further.


Cleans up geometry by collapsing short edges.


Paints a selection on parts of the mesh to be unaffected by other brushes.

Draw Face Sets

Paint new or extend existing face sets.

Multires Displacement Eraser

Remove displacement information on a Multiresolution modifier.

Multires Displacement Smear

Smear displacement information on a Multiresolution modifier.

Painting Brushes#


Recognizable by their green icon. These brushes are used for painting color attributes within sculpt mode.


Paint on the vertices of your mesh via color attributes.


Smears the vertex colors via color attributes.

Gesture Tools#


General gesture tools to apply an operation via box, lasso and line shapes.

Box Mask

Create a mask via a box gesture.

Lasso Mask

Create a mask via a lasso gesture.

Line Mask

Create a mask via on one side of a drawn line.

Box Hide

Hides/Shows geometry via a box gesture.

Box Face Set

Create a face set via a box gesture.

Lasso Face Set

Create a face set via a lasso gesture.

Box Trim

Perform a Boolean operation via a box gesture.

Lasso Trim

Perform a Boolean operation via a lasso gesture.

Line Project

Flatten the geometry towards a drawn line.

Filter Tools#


Tools for applying effects on the entire unmasked and visible mesh.

Mesh Filter

Apply a deformation to all unmasked vertices.

Cloth Filter

Applies a cloth simulation to all unmasked vertices.

Color Filter

Changes the active color attribute on all unmasked vertices.

Single Click Tools#


Simpler tools that apply an operation on surfaces that are clicked on.

Edit Face Set

Modifies the face set under the cursor.

Mask by Color

Create a mask from any color from the color attribute by clicking on it.

Herramientas generales#


General transform and annotate tools like in other modes.


Herramienta de traslación.


Herramienta de rotación.


Herramienta de escala.


Adjust the objects translation, rotations and scale.


Permite dibujar anotaciones a mano alzada.

Anotar (Línea)

Permite dibujar una anotación en forma de línea recta.

Anotar (Polígono)

Permite dibujar una anotación en forma de polígono.

Borrar anotación

Permite borrar anotaciones dibujadas anteriormente.