Dual Mesh Node#

Dual Mesh node.

The Dual Mesh Node converts a mesh into its dual, i.e. faces are turned into vertices and vertices are turned into faces. This also means that attributes which were on the face domain are transferred to the point domain in the dual mesh.


The Dual Mesh node only works on manifold geometry. To work with non-manifold geometry it’s best to remesh the geometry first.



Entrada estándar de geometría.

Keep Boundaries

Keeps the non-manifold boundaries of the input mesh in place, by creating extra geometry, and avoiding the dual mesh transformation there.


Este nodo no contiene propiedades.


Dual Mesh

Salida estándar de geometría.


The Dual Mesh Node combines nicely with triangulated meshes. In this case an Ico Sphere is used, which is made up of nice and evenly spaced triangles.