Rim Visual Effect#

The Rim Visual Effect shows a simulated rim light on the object contour.

For simulating the rim light, a masked color silhouette of the object is displaced in horizontal and/or vertical direction.

Many blending modes can be applied to the resulting mask.



Rim Visual Effect.#

Rim Color

Defines the rim light color.

Mask Color

Defines a color to keep unaltered.

Modo de fundido

The mask blending operation to perform. See Color Blend Modes.

Desplazamiento X, Y

Control the color mask displacement in pixels on the X and Y axis.


Blur X, Y

Control the blur scale in pixels on the X and Y axis.


Number of blur samples (0 disabled the blur effect).


Rim Effect samples (Mode: Add).#

Original image.#


No blur.#




Mask color: Black.#