Nodo Información de colección#

El nodo Información de colección.

The Collection Info node gets information from collections. This can be useful to control parameters in the geometry node tree with an external collection.


A Collection Info node can be added quickly by dragging a collection into the node editor.



Collection to get the properties from.

Separar subordinados

Output each child of the collection as a separate instance. The list of instances will be sorted alphabetically with the objects and child collections sorted together. This can be used with the Pick Instance option in the Nodo Instanciar en puntos to choose between collection children at each point.

Restablecer subordinados

Remove the transform of each of the collection’s children when converting them to instances. This is useful in order to keep child objects visually separate in the viewport, while keeping every instance located directly at the location of the point it was added for.


Espacio de transformación

The transformation of the output instances. The instances are transformed, but not the geometry of the collection in them.


Output the instances relative to the collection offset.


Join the input collection instances with the modified object as geometry, maintaining the relative position between the objects in the scene.



Instances of the collection in world space with all modifiers applied and represented as geometry in instances.