Restricción Resolver cámara#

The Camera Solver constraint gives the owner of this constraint, the location and rotation of the «solved camera motion».

The «solved camera motion» is where Blender reconstructs the position of the physical, real-world camera, when it filmed the video footage, relative to the thing being tracked.


This constraint only works after you have set up a minimum of eight markers and pressed Solve Camera Motion (Movie Clip Editor ‣ Toolbar ‣ Solve ‣ Solve Camera Motion).



Camera Solver Constraint panel.#

Clip activo

Receive tracking data from the scene’s Active Clip. If unchecked, an option appears to choose from the other clips.

Constraint to F-Curve

Applies the constraint, creating Keyframes for the transforms.


Controls the percentage of affect the constraint has on the object. See common constraint properties for more information.