Nodo Duplicar elementos#

El nodo Duplicar elementos.

The Duplicate Elements node creates a new geometry with the specified elements from the input duplicated an arbitrary number of times. The positions of elements are not changed, so all of the duplicates will be at the exact same location.



Entrada estándar de geometría.


Boolean field that is true for parts of the geometry to be deleted.


Field indicating how many times each input element should be duplicated. If the value is zero for an element, it will not be included in the output at all.



The type of geometry element to duplicate

Punto (o Apuntar):

Duplicate the points of meshes, curves, or point clouds. Any other elements will not be included in the output.


Duplicate mesh edges. Faces will not be included in the output.


Duplicate mesh faces. Each duplicated face will be separate, in other words they will not share edges with other faces.


Individual curves from the input curves component will be duplicated.


Input top-level instances will be duplicated.



Salida estándar de geometría.

Duplicate Index

An attribute field with a value for every output element describing which duplicate of the corresponding input. The value for every input element will start at 0 and increase to Amount - 1.



Combined with the Nodo Geometría a instancia, this can be used to create a basic efficient «Array» operation. This should be more efficient because the duplicates are instances.

The «Duplicate Index» is used to move each instance in the result a different amount.