Offset Point in Curve Node#

Offset Point in Curve node.

The Offset Point in Curve node retrieves other points in the same curve as the input control point. This is like starting at a specific control point and walking along neighboring points toward the start or end of the curve.

Conceptually the operation is similar to the Nodo Desplazar esquina en cara, but the point index doesn’t wrap around to the other end of the curve unless it is cyclic.


Identificador del punto

The index of the input control point.


By default this uses the index from the field context, which makes it important that the node is evaluated on the point domain.


The number of points to move around the curve before finding the result. If the curve is cyclic and the offset goes past the start or end point of the curve, it will wrap around to the other side.


Este nodo no contiene propiedades.


Is Valid Offset

Whether the input control point plus the offset is a valid index of the original curve. Any offset in a cyclic curve is always valid.

Identificador del punto

The index of the offset curve point.