Curvatura 3D#

A modifier based on radial curvatures of the underlying 3D surface. The curvature of a 2D curve at a point is a measure of how quickly the curve turns at the point. The quicker the turn is, the larger the curvature is at the point. The curvature is zero if the curve is a straight line. Radial curvatures are those computed for a 2D curve that appears at the cross section between the 3D surface and a plane defined by the view point (camera location) and the normal direction of the surface at the point.

For radial curvatures to be calculated (and therefore for this modifier to have any effect), the Face Smoothness option has to be turned on and the object needs to have Smooth Shading.

Curvatura Mín, Máx

The limits of the mapping. If the current point of the stroke is at Min Curvature or less from the target, it will take the start point of the mapping. And conversely, if it is at Max Curvature or more from the target, it will take the end-point value of the mapping.


Curvature 3D modifier demo by T.K. (blend-file).#