Shadow Visual Effect#

The Shadow Visual Effect shows a simulated shadow casting by the object.

For simulating the shadow a color silhouette of the object is displaced in horizontal and/or vertical direction on the back of the object.



Shadow Visual Effect.#

Shadow Color

Defines the shadow color.

Desplazamiento X, Y

Control the shadow displacement in pixels on the X and Y axis.

Escala X, Y

Control the size of the shadow on the X and Y axis.


Sets the shadow rotation around the Grease Pencil object center or another object when Use Object As Pivot is enabled.

Object Pivot

When enabled, an Object is used by the shadow as the center of rotation.


Blur X, Z

Control the blur scale in pixels on the X and Z axis.


Number of blur samples (0 disabled the blur effect).

Wave Effect#

When enabled, apply a wave distortion to the shadow.


Sets horizontal or vertical direction for the waves.


Controls the strength and the depth of the wave.


Controls the wave period. The time it takes to complete one cycle.

Phase (Fase)

Shifts the wave pattern over the shadow.


Shadow Effect samples.#

Simple Shadow.#


Blurred Shadow.#


Stretched shadow with an empty as center of rotation.#